Joining clients on their individual journey to become the best them they can be is an amazing adventure!  Through the peaks and valleys, I will be there to support, challenge, encourage, rally behind, hold accountable, and, most importantly, witness transformations which weren’t thought possible.  My coaching will focus on the whole person and individual values, goals (short and long term), work, relationships, school, sports, and hobbies.   Throughout your journey, we will look at balance, fulfillment, and life purpose, and where they resonate in you as a whole person.

Free Sample Session

During your free 30 minute sample session, we will examine where you feel you are presently in your life, where it is that you want to go, and how a coaching relationship can guide you in that direction.  Coaching is different than other professions such as mentoring, consulting or therapy in that coaching focuses on the present and future, not the past. I am committed to fully explaining what coaching is and how it works, giving you the tools to make the best choice for your situation.

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Discovery Session

After your free sample session, should you choose to pursue a coaching relationship with me, we will schedule a 90 minute Discovery Session.  We will use this session to clarify what transformation you want in your life, explore your current level of fulfillment and balance, discuss your desired goals and outcomes, and design an alliance for our coaching relationship. Following this session, you will decide if you would like to enter into a coaching contract with me. The coaching relationship is established with the assumption that we will be working together for at least 3 months.  Learning and change take time and true growth comes with consistent progress toward your goals.  The plan will be to meet 10 times (for a maximum of 1 hour each) over the next three months.