Most of our complex children struggle with Social Skills and Executive Function Skills. These are skills which their peers develop naturally as they grow and mature, and through interactions at school, home, teams, activities, and friendships.

Social Skills are both verbal and non-verbal skills which we all use to communicate and interact with each other. These skills can be language based, gestures, body language, and even our own personal appearance. Challenges with Social Skills can lead to not understanding social situations or being able to read “between the lines”. This can lead to frustration and isolation for children and parents.

Executive Function Skills are those skills which we rely on daily. They enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and multi-task successfully. They also allow us to self-regulate our emotions. Deficiencies with Executive Function Skills can lead to homework not being completed or lost, forgetting to do chores, not understanding what is being asked or expected, challenges understanding the concept of time, and overall confusion for individuals.

If your child struggles with either or both (which is very common), I offer tutoring services to work on these skills to improve challenge areas and increase confidence in children. I have experience in providing curriculums developed by Michelle Garcia-Winner (Social Thinking) and Sara Ward (Executive Function), as well as the Zones of Regulation curriculum.