I provide coaching to parents, teachers, coaches, and youth who face daily behaviour challenges and who are overwhelmed with the complexities of these behaviours.   I am here to guide and support individuals on their journey to adopting new perspectives, setting expectations confidently, making well considered decisions, and holding clients in space to be the best them possible.  

I have over 25 years experience working with children and youth in a variety of capacities – Special Education Assistant, support worker, athletic coach, team manager, and MOM!!   

Over the years, I have:

  • Graduated from Simon Fraser University (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Completed Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) training
  • Certified  Sanity School for Parents and Teachers Trainer (Impact ADHD)
  • Trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis through POPARD
  • Training in Social Thinking strategies developed by Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Training in Executive Function strategies developed by Sara Ward
  • Completed my National Coaching Certification Level 1

I am passionate about coaching all individuals who are affected by behaviour complexities on a daily basis.   Together, through coaching, we can put the puzzle pieces together so that you are able to live a more fulfilled and balanced life.